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Ronnie D. Northup was born on Feb. 7, 1944, the third child to Elmer and Olga Northup. He married Kathleen Ann Smith on March 23, 1963. They have six children:
Connie Lee Northup,
Karen Jean Northup,
Cynthia Ann Northup,
Ronnie Dale Northup jr.,
John Michael Northup,
and Gregory Thomas Northup

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Ronnie and Kathleen Northup Family

Children of Ronnie and Kathleen Northup

Connie Lee Northup born August 29, 1964, Married Dean Louis Lesar
Karen Jean Northup Born March 28, 1966
Cynthia Ann Northup Born June 17, 1967 M. Jeffery Tanner August 17, 1991
Ronnie Jr. Born Nov. 20, 1969
John Michael Northup Born April 20, 1976
Gregory Thomas Northup Born July 11, 1984